Top of the Rock with Marty and Ani

Ma’am Rica, as most friends would know by now, was my professor in college, who through the years has become good wonderful who is a rich source of joy and wisdom as she is for many. This year she visited NYC with her kids, Ani and Marty. What can I say, Ani and Marty are just as smart, fun and loving as their mom. In one of our many tours around the city I brought them to the Top of the Rock. People in the know would always say that this is the best place to view the city because you get to see the Empire State Building in all its glory, right at the heart of NYC. We stayed until it started getting dark and the city begun to lit up. The city transforms into something magical, something totally different once the sun has set. The energy and vibe is different. There’s still a billion people out on the streets but this time it’s people who are ready to unwind and relax from a full day’s work.

We then met up with Ma’am Rica in Time Square where we took some photos and had a giant meal. After the giant meal, we dragged ourselves to Cafe Lalo for some creamy cheesecake. Lovely day. 🙂


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