Untermeyer Gardens and Hello

Outside, the air has started to cool and the leaves turn. And just like that fall is here. I love fall and I love changes. And what better way to start anew in the digital age than with a new blog. I know I already several blogs out there but I wanted this one to focus more on my pictures and the story I want to tell with them.

Photography has always been a passion of mine but I’ve never really called myself a photographer until more recently. I’ve never been very confident about my skills even when people told me I had the eye for it. Nowadays, I’m more comfortable being called one and see it as avery important part of who I am. I love photography because it ties perfectly with everything I love in the world – travel, adventure, food and people. I know that sounds cliche and what everyone with an Instagram account would probably say, but hey, that’s the truth.

For this first post, I want to feature the Untermeyer Gardens. Untermeyer is found in upstate New York. It’s a small park with a spectacular view of the Hudson. I was lucky enough to find this place when I did a shoot for a lovely couple. Grecian columns mix well with the wonderful trees, flowers and benches in the garden. And best of all is that this place is quiet and far away from tourists who tend to overwhelm Central Park and make it difficult to take pictures.

Untermeyer is small but every corner is lovely as you can see in the pictures below:


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